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May - 2009 

Inspiration Story

This month's motivational quote comes from Albert Einstein and believe it or not, his quote can be related to how I became a martial arts world champion as a result of breaking my legs.  I hope this will be an inspiration story for you.  First, here's the quote for your self help development:

"In the middle of difficulty, lies opportunity"

I had torn my anterior cruciate ligaments (ACL) in both of my knees on two separate occasions when I was attempting some fancy jumping techniques that resulted in poor landings.  Both of these serious injuries required major surgeries that sidelined me for months in terms of any active martial arts training with my legs.

Of course, these would have easily become major setbacks for me.   However, I still wanted to be active during my rehabilitation periods.  So I focused more on my upper body techniques in martial arts since they were really the only things I could still do.

My upper body hand techniques have always been stronger than my leg techniques.  But now with the additional concentration, they became even more powerful.  As a result, my own martial arts changed, especially for competition routines.  

Instead of utilizing a lot of jumping or kicking with my legs, I shifted to routines where the upper body was primarily used.  This included routines with martial arts weaponry, which usually do not involve much lower body technique anyway.

As I became stronger with my new routines with mostly upper body techniques, I started to win more often in major competitions.  In fact, most of my world championship titles were won with routines that concentrated mostly with my upper body.  

So in essence, my knee injuries or the 'difficulty' in Einstein's quote, helped uncover the underlying opportunity of further developing my main strength in martial arts which has always been my upper body.  These adversities, made me into a better martial arts competitor allowing me to win more world championship titles I otherwise may not have won.

So the key message from this hopefully inspiration story here for you is when we are faced with difficulties, there just might very well be underlying opportunities waiting for us underneath if we choose to uncover them.

Next time you are experiencing some type of adversity or setback in your life, think hard about how this experience can make you into a better person in the end.  It's really about turning negatives into positives.

On another note, readers of my self help book "The Life Champion In You" have started to send in some really nice comments and reviews.  I have highlighted some of them within red boxes on the webpage featuring my self help book

Until next month with another inspiration story,


Motivational Speaker, Self Help Author & Karate World Champion

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