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January - 2010 

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First of all, a VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and THANK YOU so much for subscribing to my inspirational phrases newsletter in 2009.  I would like to start this New Year issue with one of my own quotes from my book ‘The Life Champion In You’ because it mentions the word ‘year’.  

“Just imagine what you would be able to accomplish in a year’s time, whether for your health, professional or personal life, if you were to get just a little bit uncomfortable and expand your comfort zone by just 10%”

Since this is usually the time when we reflect on what we did (or did not do) during the past year and try to envision what our next twelve months will be like, it’s a very appropriate time to really understand what is possible for us in 2010.  

One of the most important areas that we should all focus on for our personal development is our health.  Although I’m in pretty good health due to my lifestyle habits, I know there is always room for improvement.   As my quote above states, I want to get a bit uncomfortable and expand my own comfort zones by 10%, which really means a bit at a time.  

One of the changes I’ve decided to do revolves around what I eat during lunchtime.  I want to increase my intake of fresh green vegetables in my diet and lunchtime would be an ideal opportunity for me to do this.  Instead of just having the same sandwiches every day for lunch, I’ve decided to make some simple but healthy salads a few times per week.  The comfort zone expansion part for me in this would be to take the time to buy extra salad ingredients from the grocer and then to actually make my salads.  

I personally usually don’t like to take time to prepare my meals so this is an extra bit of work for me (typical bachelor I suppose).  But I’ve come up with a new personal salad recipe.  This involves mixing Romaine lettuce, with tuna, small chunks of low fat cheese and bits of whole-wheat toast with low fat peanut butter.  I’ve never actually seen this recipe before but I thought that the ingredients would mix well together.  And I was right, this salad combination is pretty yummy if I do say so myself!

I’m now doing this a few times per week and this will help me improve my own health and I can imagine that in a year’s time, I will be even healthier than ever before just from this simple increase in fresh greens which will boost my intake of vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants.  And this will help keep my body weight at the level of where I want it to be.

So for yourself, ask what areas in YOUR life would you like to improve this year and what 10% comfort zone expansions can YOU do?  If you take appropriate action on a regular basis, just think of where YOU would be and how much you would have IMPROVED in your own self-development ONE YEAR from now.  

This would certainly be a GREAT way to start your New Year and the upcoming inspirational phrases each month will help you.

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Until next month for more inspirational phrases,


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