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January - 2009 

Free Motivation 2009

Happy New Year!

Thank you for signing on to receive my new free Motivation Quotes newsletter and this is the very first issue.  I think this is very timely too as we are starting a brand new year in tough economy.  If there’s a time to get some motivation, now is definitely a good time.

One of my favorite all time motivational quotes is by legendary US football coach Vince Lombardi.  I even have a poster on my wall with this quote as it shows a lone person running up the steps of the stands of an empty outdoor stadium.   

I wanted to use this quote to end up the foreword for my upcoming new book, “The Life Champion In You” but my editor advised me not to use any external quotes to end the section.  So at least I’ll get to use the quote here in my free motivation newsletter.  The quote is as follows;

“The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will." 

This is such a great quote to start off the New Year because if you have goals you want to achieve in 2009 (and I hope you do), this is a great reminder to all of us on the core reason why some people will be successful this year and why some will not.

The key to achievement is not our natural talents (or lack of) or what we know, but our will to succeed.  Everything starts with our will.  If we have the will, then we start to proceed to take the required action steps to achieve our goals.  If we don’t have the will, we can barely get started.

Let’s take something that all of us will want, which is to be healthy and fit.   We all pretty know in general, what we have to do in order to achieve this.  We all know that we have to eat right and exercise.  But the big question is, do you have the will to get healthy and fit?   

If you do, are you going to take the steps to make sure that you start eating right this year?  Are you going to make commitments to finally include regular exercise as part of your lifestyle?  If you have the will, then you are equipped with the proper mindset to help carry you through with the required steps, even if you might not enjoy some of these steps!  Try to picture that guy on my wall poster running up those stadium steps.

This is true for whatever goals you have for 2009.  So read Coach Lombardi’s motivational quote again and make the decision to have the will to go after your goals this year.  This definitely starts your year off with the right mindset.

Until next month with another issue of this free motivation newsletter,


Motivational Speaker, Author & Karate World Champion

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