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Sample Radio and Television Interview Questions
For Motivational Speaker Author Clint Cora

Your bio states that you are a karate world champion, could you tell us a little more about that?   (response =  30 seconds)

Were you always athletic, even as a kid?   (response =  60 seconds)

Are you a martial arts teacher professionally? (response =  45 seconds)

How did you become an author?  (response =  75 seconds)

How did you come up with the title?   (response =  30 seconds)

You mentioned universal lessons from your journey, what are some of these universal lessons? (response =  60 seconds)

Is this connected with how you got through your mother’s suicide?   (response =  30 seconds)

What's another important message from your book?   (response =  45 seconds)

What is an example of a comfort zone that you have expanded in your own life?   (response =  90 seconds)

And how has this example helped in other areas of life?   (response =  90 seconds)

Why do you think many people fail to achieve success?   (response =  60 seconds)

How can people get through recession?   (response =  75 seconds)

What about financially if people lost their jobs?   (response =  45 seconds)

What can we do about procrastination?  (response = 90 second)

Are you a speaker as well?   (response =  30 seconds)

Where is your book available?     (response =  30 seconds)

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