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Clint Cora can conduct his three hour Effective Self Defense training seminar as a stand alone program or in combination with any of the speaking programs below - see previous link for information on his self defense seminars.

'The Life Champion In You - Making Success Possible For All'

This is Clint Cora's main motivational talk for health care related groups. It covers many of the success principles from his book, The Life Champion In You.  Here are some details of this speech.
Note - Clint also offers a full day motivational personal development seminar based on 'The Life Champion In You'.

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To explore the possibility of having Clint Cora as a speaker at your event, send an e-mail to contact (at) - replacing the (at) of course or call us
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A New Champion For Mental Health Awareness

"Individuals and families dealing with mental health issues have found a new champion in world karate titlist Clint Cora."

The Mississauga News, Editorial, August 21, 2009

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Suicide Survivor Talks About Clint Cora     At Mental Health Conference Media Event

Members Of Community Mental Health Organization Touched

"At the end of the event, we asked our members for feedback on your presentation. Here is what they said: 'Very energetic and clear', 'It kept you interested', 'He spoke to everyone', 'He made us laugh', 'The presentation was wonderful', 'He got people to participate', 'We learned something new', 'Inspiring', 'Easy to understand', 'The best speaker ever', 'He knew what he was talking about', 'Real'. The members along with the staff really enjoyed the presentation and we thank you once again for giving the presentation." "

Scott Brooker, Executive Director, Friends & Advocates Peel, Brampton, ON

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Clint can also make his books and audio CDs available for your audience members as continued educational resources. This will help reinforce key messages as well as motivate your people on a regular basis for achieving success after they have heard Clint speak.  Of course, Clint will always make himself available to personally sign books and speak to individuals from your meeting after his presentations at health care events or mental health conference events.  

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If your organization has a newsletter, Clint can also supply a set of useful motivational success articles for your readership.

Heart-Felt Caring For His Audience

"I'm a suicide survivor and I found that his understanding of what depression can do in someone's life, the need to actually decide and set goals, and that it's possible to set goals, to overcome that was very meaningful. I found his presentation to be exciting, enthusiastic and filled with a heart-felt caring for those in his audience. I strongly recommend listening to him, buying his book and following his steps to conquering and finding out who the champion is within you"

Janice McDonald, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner

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Audience Was Left Wanting More!

"Thank you very much for an awesome presentation.  Everyone in the audience is still singing your praises!  Your motivational presentation was very timely as our group needed a boost to keep their spirits up.  The practical concepts and props shared are easy to remember and apply, both professionally and from a personal perspective."

"You are a great motivator and I was captivated by your enthusiasm and energy.  Our people could not help talking about you following your presentation.  Once again, the knowledge, information and enthusiasm you shared really had an impact on group and you left them wanting more."

Ray Lim, Marathon Clinic Instructor

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Again, to explore how you can bring Clint Cora as a health care conference speaker to your event,
send an e-mail to contact (at) - replacing the (at) of course or call us at 905-814-5763.

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