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What and How To Study For
College Or University Success

Colleges and universities often have a wide, dizzying number of study programs available for students, especially when compared to what was offered at the high school level.  It can be quite a challenge just to pick or choose which study programs to pursue.  Here are some useful tips on what and how to study for college success or university success.

What To Study For College Success

If you already know what field you want to be in for your future career, then it makes sense to take the related courses at university or college.  If you intend on going to a professional program like medical school, you will have to take certain course prerequisites like biology and chemistry.   But even after prerequisites, it’s still a good idea to fill up the rest of your course list with a variety of other subjects in order to get a wider field of knowledge.  This is part of college success as you can take some courses as special interest.  I took a course each on general psychology and basic law just for interest without the intention of ever becoming either a psychologist or a lawyer.

If you don’t know what career you want, then take the programs that interest you most for now.  Sure, some degrees might result in getting jobs easier after graduation but trust me, if you take certain programs just to get a job, you will not be happy if you end up hating the field.  Get an education with the programs you are really interested in and with effort, you will find jobs in the future.

No matter what program you take, there will be courses that will seem to have no use for your future career.  I recall sitting in an organic chemistry class wondering why the heck I was learning that stuff anyway.   I realized years later that the purpose of taking these useless (but difficult) courses was not to be able to use them in the real world.  Their purpose was to teach you to think at higher levels.  These subjects challenge your brains and help sharpen your minds.  Think of these as exercise for your mind.  

A sharp mind will help you in a future career, plan for your investments or anything else that will take some brainpower.  Remember that college success or university success is not just about the grades.  It is about how your mind is developed during those years.  

How To Study For College Or University Success

I remember when I was in high school, I would be studying for tests and exams in my room while my radio was turned up really loud.  It just felt like a cool thing to do.  And I got through high school well enough to get into university.  When I started university, I of course used the same study methods since I thought they were my proven way.  The result was that I almost ending up failing some of my first year courses.

It's great listening to music blasting away in your room but if your head isn’t absorbing the stuff you’re suppose to be studying and your grades suffer, then you need a change in study environment.  This means turning off the tunes until your study session is done.   Can’t concentrate in your room or friends always interrupting?  Then hit the library and find some quiet space.  

Also, make a habit of studying regularly, even right after tests so that you will be prepared well in advance for the next one.   This way, most course material will still be fresh in your mind by the time final exams come.   This is one of the secret strategies college success or university success.  Taking the time to study even when there are no exams just around the corner helps you learn your material so much better so you won’t have to do any last minute cramming for exams.  This way of studying was a drastic change in my study habits.  It was time consuming since I had to allocate regular study time during my days even when there were no exams in the near future.  But it did work extremely well in helping me know the course material.  See the video below.

Back in high school, some teachers might have hassled you if your grades were low.  At university, nobody is going to be on your case to study.  This might sound good but if your study habits are lousy, you might end up failing out and many professors won’t really care.   Again, I almost failed out of my first year and had to really improve on my studying to stay in.  I did improve my grades well enough by my fourth year to get accepted into one of the MBA schools.

When I got to MBA school, it was a good thing that I had developed better study habits because we needed a B average to stay in the program.  During our first semester, we lost about a quarter of our students because they couldn’t make that minimum B average.

There’s much more competition from other students for the top grades at this level of learning.   It really pays to have good study habits.   Good money was paid for your tuition so don’t fail out.   Put in the time to study as if it was your full time job for the present.  This will help insure that you are a college success or university success.

Of course, getting exposed to good external guest speakers on campus will also add to your college or university success since they often teach you about things that are not normally covered in your courses.  Plus you don’t have to study the material presented by the guest speakers which is a welcome change.  See Clint Cora’s College Speaking Programs and refer him to your Student Activities staff to bring him into your college or university as a speaker.  For other useful articles, see Successful In College Or University.

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