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Clint Cora Martial Arts Videos

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Martial Arts World Champion Clint Cora

Clint Cora Martial Arts Videos

Here is a collection of martial arts video featuring Clint Cora performing some of his martial arts forms or routines.  The first video shows him with his karate bo staff weapon.

Clint Cora Performing With Karate Bo Staff Weapon

Here is Clint performing his Chinese martial arts kung fu form which has a completely different look and feel compared to karate and tae kwon do styles.  The next video is another one with his karate bo staff weapon but from a different angle resulting in a neat silhouette effect.


Clint Cora Performing Chinese Martial Arts Kung Fu

Clint Cora With Karate Bo Staff Weapon From Different Angle

Effective Self Defense Video

Martial arts world champion Clint Cora produced a video teaching effective self defense techniques and much more information is at the Effective Self Defense Instruction webpage. 

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