You’ll See New Motivational Video Next Week

#inspirational #motivational — I hope you enjoyed the last episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV which showed the highlights of the Carassauga festival here in my hometown of Mississauga, Ontario. Believe it or not, the next few episodes have already been shot and edited.  In fact, you will see a new motivational video come out next week.

I’m going to produce new episodes of Motivational WebTV at breakneck speed this summer since my speaking schedule doesn’t rev up again until September.  Shooting and producing new episodes of my motivational video series will give me much needed breaks from my book writing projects which can be rather tedious.

I’ve got all sorts of neat ideas in the works for new episodes and I can’t wait to get them shot.  They will all be educational and entertaining.  Although I’m not going to make any definite promises but I will actually try to launch a new show each week.

Don’t worry if you miss the odd episode because they can all be viewed again at your convenience at the Motivational WebTV Archive.  Watch them in any order you want or any titles that might interest you.  And if you have any comments, please feel free to leave them at the end of my blog posts or right on the Facebook page.

If you have any particular questions for me, just send them along either as a blog comment or at my website contact page.  If I feel that it’s a question that others would like to see answers for, I’ll either make a blog post out of it or even create a whole new motivational video based on the question and answer.

Just as a heads up, you will see a few water based episodes of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV later on this summer including some underwater scenes that will blow you away!  So stay tuned for them!

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