Worthwhile Causes Should Be Part Of Selfhelp Programs

#selfhelp #causes #charities  —  I believe that participating in worthwhile causes should be a part of any selfhelp program.  By participating, I don’t mean just handing over some dollars or a cheque for a charity or fundraiser either – although that is also good too.

I mean doing something a bit more active to get involved with the causes that you feel strong about.  Take a part in volunteering for events or campaigns and this doesn’t have to involve money on your part either.  For example, simply taking the time to help out sorting things at food banks or passing them out to the needy does not require any expense except your time.  The same thing with being part of teams that clean up parks or help build shelters.

When you take this type of time to volunteer, you are with other people who want to help make a difference as well.  The overall atmosphere is fantastic because you are now part of a mission to make something better.  This type of teamwork gives back to you in ways that money can’t buy.

You get an overall feeling of deep satisfaction because you feel that your time was worth spending on something good and the comraderie felt with others in the team makes you feel that you are accepted and appreciated.  This is why participating in worthwhile causes can be a component to selfhelp.

These days, I contribute to some causes I feel strongly about by volunteering my time as a guest speaker or keynote speaker at certain events associated with these causes.  This is my way of giving back to society as I try to motivate others to be part of these causes.

The causes I feel very strong for include anti-racism, youth crime, violence against women and animal welfare, especially with dogs and cats.  I will get into more detail about each of these causes and why I’m passionate about them in future blog posts as well as episodes of Motivational WebTV.  For now, as part of your own selfhelp plan, you might want to think about which worthwhile causes you would feel strong about.  Perhaps make a comment on your favourite causes below.

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