Work Life Balance Example – Motivational WebTV #68


Work Life Balance

I think it’s great to work hard but when I hear of people who just work hard with not much play, I feel that they are not achieving a good work life balance.  To me, the harder I work, the harder I also play.  I make time to play.  I even talked about the importance of play in your self development in a past episode of Motivational WebTV.

During the winter, you may have noticed that a lot of my blog content and videos were ski related.  This is because I spend so many days out there on the ski slopes during the winter as part of my play (and some work as well).  I have one more ski related video to show you before I switch over to my spring agenda.

See What I See On The Ski Slopes

I went to Quebec to finish off my ski season since there was still snow out by Quebec City.  I skied a day at Mt Ste Anne and one at Stoneham Mountain.  I decided to do something that I have never done before.

I managed to shoot video while I was actually skiing down a ski slope.  This is in contrast to previous ski videos where I had other people hold the camcorder and shoot video of me skiing down.

I wanted to show everyone, especially those who are not familiar with snow skiing, what it’s like to ski down some ski slopes.  I wanted to show folks what I see through my own eyes for a change.

This was my example of my winter work life balance where I show you how I play during the season.  I also have some video footage shot while I was sitting on the chairlift at Stoneham.

Here’s the video which was turned into a Motivational WebTV episode.

I hope you will find this video exciting and fun.  Remember, if you work hard for your success, you should also play hard, no matter how you get your play from.  Just make time to play so that your life is not only about work.  This balance will also make you a more interesting person especially if you are in the dating world – after all, who wants to hear about work all the time?

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If you missed the last episode where I demonstrated an example of persistence on the snow, catch it at Hockey Stops On Snow.

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