What Winter Olympic Athletes Can Teach Us

As I’m watching Winter Olympics on TV, I thought about all the things that the athletes went through to get to the games including all the years of hard work through training and sacrifices they have to make.

Through their examples, there are definitely many things that the rest of us non-Olympic folks can learn for our own lives, even if not involved in athletic pursuits like the athletes are.

For example, one of the first things that come to mind is the absolute dedication to training towards their goals.  It’s always amazing to realize that most of these athletes trained for years, often since childhood, to finally make it to the games and some events like freestyle moguls skiing last a mere 23 seconds.  So for us, we should certainly realize that many of our own goals will not be achieved overnight.  Like the Olympic athletes, we have to work on our goals on a regular basis over time.

Athletes also get injured every now and then.  Champions also do not win each time they compete.  There will be losses and they have to deal with them and make comebacks as they learn from losses.  Same with us.  We must not let failures stop us from our long term goals.  There will be peaks and valleys which we have to know how to deal with.  This is perserverence.

Another thing we can learn from Winter Olympics athletes is no matter how good they are or how much natural talent they have, they cannot achieve their skill levels and perform at their levels without the assistance of many support people including coaches.  Many of our own goals will also require the help of other people in our lives whether they be mentors, coaches, partners and others who can teach us.  Of course, support when we need it is a plus too.

I will write and talk more about the Winter Olympics in upcoming Motivational Quotes newsletters and Dose of Motivation audio podcast.

So let these awesome Winter Olympics athletes thrill us during these games in Vancouver but also appreciate what we can learn from them even if we are not athletes.  Enjoy the Winter Olympic games!

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  • you guys think the US will bring home a lot of gold in the winter Olympics? I believe we will!!!! go USA.