Will Be One Of Conference Speakers At Edutourism Event In Cuba

Cuba Conference Speakers

I always considered travel to be an effective component for personal growth, especially to places that are not so mainstream like your usual tropical beach resorts.  It turns out that I will be one of the conference speakers speaking at an international edutourism conference in Havana, Cuba on November 8 and 9, 2010.  In fact, I will be doing both my signature motivational talk as well as my main diversity talk at the same event (on separate days).

If you are interested in edutourism which is basically a type of tourism which is educational and serves to expand our horizons at unique destinations, this might be an event for you to attend.  This is especially true if you would like to someday work in edutourism as there will be professionals from this field from all over the world.

If you live in the USA, you can still go to Cuba despite the existing embargo.  As long as the trip is for educational purposes, which in this case will qualify, you can go.  You just have to fly through one of the Caribbean countries or through Canada.  The edutourism conference website has an entire section on details for American travellers with respect to Cuba.

Interesting Place For Conference Speakers

It’s an interesting location that this conference will be at too. Although lots of us up here in Canada have been to Cuba, this will be my first time.  Most Canadians go straight to the beach resorts too but I will be spending my time in Havana.  During the conference, I will be staying at the event hotel since they are putting me up there where all conference speakers will be staying.  But on other days, I will elect to stay at a so-called casa particular which is one of the many private Cuban homes that have rooms for rent much like a bed and breakfast.  This will give me the chance to stay with a Cuban family for a few days and really get to see what Cuban life is like.

Staying at a beach resort just doesn’t give you the opportunity to experience the real local life there.  So I figure that the casa particular experience will broaden my own diversity horizons.  I hear that the Cubans are very friendly and will go out of their way to make their guests comfortable.

Since I’ll have a few extra days of downtime, I’m also going to travel five hours west of Havana and do some scuba diving at Maria la Gorda which is a recognized biosphere.  This site is regarded as the best scuba diving in Cuba so since I’m going all the way down there, I might as well dive at the best location.

I’ll have more details on this trip soon.  Meanwhile, if you want to experience an edutourism conference at a very unique destination, check out their event website at the previous link.  You will also see details of the other conference speakers.  I’m going to try and shoot some episodes of Motivational WebTV too while I’m down there.  Motivation and diversity all on a single trip!

conference speakers cuba havana
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