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Toronto Motivational Speaker Bullying Advice

I was recently quoted as one of the ‘experts’ by a publication in Utah about school bullying.  This article came as a result of the much publicized bullying incident in Australia where a 15 year old chubby kid body slammed his bully and this event was captured on video which went viral around the world on YouTube.

The team of experts included academics, parents, professionals who work with children and finally folks like me who have had direct experience with bullying.  It was a nice mix of opinions and advice from this team.

School Bullying Universal

Unfortunately, school bullying seems to be quite universal around the world.  Teachers and other adults can only be around so much of the time.  When unsupervised, that’s when bullying can occur.

Fortunately for me, my own experience with bullying as a victim didn’t last past junior high.  Of course, there was no coincidence that those were the years when this Toronto motivational speaker started martial arts training.  So you can guess that my contribution to this article on school bullying does have a very big martial arts angle to it.

See this Utah article on school bullying where you will not only read my contribution but many great advice by other experts on the subject.  If you are a parent, this is a must read since chances of your child experiencing bullying directly or witnessing it at school is unfortunately quite high.  Times really haven’t changed on school grounds these days compared to when we were students.

I feel for the kids that get bullied at school since I was one myself for many years from about grade 1 right through to about grade 7.  It’s no fun and parents unfortunately react in ways that make situations even tougher for the kids.

After you read the Utah article, feel free to contribute your own comments right here on my blog in the sections below.

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