Thoughts On Olympic Freestyle Skiing

I was watching the ladies Olympic freestyle moguls skiing last night.  Of course, being Canadian, I was cheering for Jenn Heil who ended up taking silver.  All of Canada shared in her disappointment in failing to take the gold but there were other skiers who did much worse with crashes that took them out of the competition.

As a competitor in martial arts, I can certainly feel their joy of winning as well as the pain in not doing well, especially in front of so many people.  But that is what happens in sports competition.

If we can take any lessons from this for the rest of us who are not athletes, it’s the way we handle our losses or disappointments, whether in sports or other aspects of real life.  It’s always best to learn from our losses and move on as we apply what we’ve learned to our futures.  We learn the most when we don’t win.  I will write up a full Motivational Quotes Success Newletter issue on this.

Jennifer Heil and the other members of the Canadian team, as well as all the other skiers from the other countries should be proud of what they have achieved at the Olympics even if they failed to do well on the slopes.  Training hard to participate there makes them all winners.

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