Testing Out Motivational Audio CDs Today

I’m testing out the new three CD format for my audio version of my book, ‘The Life Champion In You’.  Previously, it was available as a single CD with MP3 files.  Some people have been requesting a format that they can use in their car audio systems and since most of these can’t play MP3s, I’m exploring the standard audio format.

I’ll test the new CDs out in some players that do not support the MP3 format and see if they play.

Of course, since standard audio files are much larger, the audio package will no longer fit onto a single CD and will require three CDs instead.  But I’ll likely package these in a nice box.  More developments on this new format for my audio book will come soon.

I still have some of the single MP3 CDs left and will sell the rest of them at my live talks.  Once I finish packaging a new motivational three CD set, the single MP3 CD will no longer be produced although the MP3 files will still be available as an online download.

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