Teens Need Youth Motivational Speakers For Emotional Intelligence Exposure

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Youth Motivational Speakers For Emotional Intelligence

Last year, I shot an episode of Motivational WebTV where I talked about the connection between youth violence and the lack of emotional intelligence – catch this video if you never saw it.  I still feel just as strong about this issue today as I did last year.  I feel that all teens should attend events where there are youth motivational speakers to expose and train them on emotional intelligence.

Just this past week, I saw on our local evening news two separate incidents involving youth in our schools.  In one case, one teen was badly stabbed inside a high school and the police are looking for four suspects.

In another case, another teen tried to commit suicide by jumping off a highway bridge.  He actually survived so far and is at hospital.  However, a close friend of his (a female teen), was found dead in a bush area so the police are investigating this connection.

Teens Need Emotional Intelligence Training Earlier

Both of these cases obviously resulted in some types of conflicts and these are related to the lack of emotional intelligence among these teens.  They just did not think clearly with respect to their actions brought on by certain emotions.

It is clear that emotional intelligence training is not provided by the current school system nor at home adequately.  This is why I feel that all teens should be attending special events where they can at least get introduced to the concept of emotional intelligence and motivation by good youth motivational speakers.

Teens need the exposure to this type of area and once they start actively developing the skills in emotional intelligence, youth crime and violence should decrease.  These teens will also be able to function better as adults when there are different types of possible stress and conflicts exposed to them.

I may think about producing a big event during the summer in the future featuring a lineup of good youth motivational speakers for the teens in my community.  In the meantime, if you know of any venue that needs a youth motivational speaker, I am available.

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