Teamwork Motivational Lesson From The Ski Slopes

Teamwork Motivational Lesson

Yesterday, I went up to Blue Mountain which is my usual ski resort about two times per week all winter long.  It’s a two hour drive up and Tuesdays are relatively uncrowded up there with hardly any lift lines.  I usually end up going up alone with no ski students to teach up there on Tuesdays.

Instead, I usually have all day Tuesdays to work on my own skiing so I end up skiing quite hard for my training.  However, yesterday I actually went up with a guy who also happens to be a Level 2 certified ski instructor like myself.

Two Ski Instructors Made A Motivational Team

So what happens when you have two certified ski instructors up at a big ski resort with no ski classes to teach and no lift lines all day?  The answer is a HELLUVA LOT of skiing done.  Probably even more than what we each would have accomplished on our own separate.  The two of us formed some type of motivational team for our training.

We traded some ski tips and talked about some of the areas we could each work on when we were on our way up the mountain while sitting on the chairlifts.  Seeing each other ski also became a teamwork motivational lesson.  Somehow, we were both inspired more by each other to ski harder and better all day long.  By the end of the day, we were surprised on how much skiing we actually did, especially compared to days when we are both busy teaching ski students.

Teamwork Motivational Concept For Life

The teamwork motivational concept we can take here for not only skiing but all other areas of life is that when you work or play with other people who are as good as you or better, the end result is that you can become more successful than if you were trying on your own.  Other good people can help you become better at pretty well anything in life and this is an important concept to remember.

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