Teaching Diversity Awareness

#diversity  —  I’ll be going up to a small city called Barrie which is an hour north of Toronto tonight to teach diversity awareness through my Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success program for their local chapter of the International Association of Administrative Professionals (this is my 4th chapter of the IAAP that I’ve presented to this year).

Although Toronto is very diverse, when you get outside of town, while there is still diversity, it will be less.  Presenting my program in the smaller cities such as Barrie is a great thing because they are slowly becoming more diverse each year as their population grows.  The big cities like Toronto are getting more expensive so people and some companies are moving further away.  Barrie has been growing as well as the diversity in its population.

Therefore, the folks in Barrie will certainly benefit from a diversity program.  It teaches them not only diversity awareness but also arms them with diversity skills so they can successfully manage and take advantage of their increasing diversity in the area.

Such a diversity awareness program helps the locals become more effective in not only dealing with diversity in their own areas but also with other parts of the world.  Their local companies could start dealing with more international business and the locals, especially the students, may relocate someday to bigger cities where there is more diversity.

Teaching diversity is a great thing no matter what size the town since it prepares people for the realities of this modern world which is getting smaller and smaller due to technology.

My Kick Down Diversity Barriers For Success is much more than a simply diversity awareness program as it also teaches the skills required to be successful in diverse environments.  If your group, company or college could use such a program presented at your organization, feel free to check out my speaking programs.

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