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How College University Students Get Jobs In Chosen Fields

I’ve decided to completely revamp my college speaking programs this summer to answer one of the toughest and most common questions that college and university students have — how to get jobs in their chosen fields and careers.  As students get into their senior years and try to get even part time or c0-0p jobs that are related to their fields, they often wonder about the daunting task of actually securing a job in the field that they studied for upon graduation.

Being a former corporate executive with twenty years experience and having actually been responsible for hiring, training and managing staff nation wide, I would be in a perfect position to help these college and university students.  I’ve been helping many folks specifically interested in getting pharmaceutical sales jobs through one of my published programs so it was time to take this knowledge and bring it to the college and university campus environment.

The result is a new speaking program that is now one of the most useful and practical programs available for college and university students as I reveal top industry secrets on everything related to getting jobs in their career fields from creating the most effective resumes to handling the toughest interview questions.  I also cover on how to research what type of jobs are out there and how to access the hidden job market which actually comprises 80% of all available jobs out there.

Networking with industry connections is also covered with an emphasis on developing good face to face interpersonal communications skills which are often lacking due to increased time students have with just technology, ie., too much dependence on email/text messaging rather than face to face communications.

Diversity Included As Element In College University Program

Since diversity is a very important topic in today’s campus environment and the workplace is becoming more diverse all the time, I do include diversity as an important element in my speaking program.  I show how developing diversity skills will be important in career success in today’s working world.

I shot a new ten minute video which describes the new speaking program which is called ‘Top Industry Secrets On How To Get A Job In Your Chosen Field’.  This video is shown below.


For more details on my new speaking program for college and university students and how to book me to come to your campus, see my revamped college speaker webpage.

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