Taking Massive Action May Inspire Or Intimidate


Taking Massive Action

I recently finished a first round of meetings with six different potential JV (joint venture) partners for real estate investing – my original first video where I talked about real estate investing.  In most of these cases, these people reached out to me first in regards to these meetings.  This alone showed some great action taking on their behalf since it was an important first step for them to learn more about real estate investing.

Most people who know me are quite aware that I’m a massive action taker.  I like to operate at a fairly ‘supersonic’ level when it comes to doing the actual steps required to achieve success in any area whether it be for my health or wealth.

Many people already know that one of the most important factors in achieving success is whether action is taken or not.  Most people unfortunately do not take action and choose to remain quite idle.  They stay within the comfort zones of their usual day to day lives and as a result, never get too far in terms of real success desired.

Action Takers May Inspire Or Intimidate

As for my potential JV partners, I’m going to be scheduling the next round of meetings to take things to the next level.  I’ve already proven to be of value by educating these folks a lot on general real estate investing during the first meetings.  I’m going to give them more specifics and determine just how ready they are to be involved in this area for the next meetings – should they decide to continue with further talks.

They will soon realize that I operate as a huge action taker which may inspire them do to the same.  On the flip side, I’m aware that being an action taker also may intimidate them a bit since again, it is introducing them to a new level beyond their current comfort zones.

Maybe my action taking will do both, ie., inspire and intimidate!

In any case, we’ll see if any of the six individuals continue to the next level or not.  I’ve already had a few people who originally wanted to meet up for a first meeting but for whatever excuses, they decided to postpone even the first meeting for now.

That’s fine by me because as far as joint ventures are concerned, I only want to work with other action takers who are willing to expand their comfort zones a bit – see my Motivational WebTV video on Expanding Comfort Zones.  Only those who do deserve to share in the rewards of a joint venture partnership.

Stay tuned as I report the progress of these potential JVs.

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