Stingray City Was Where My Face Got Smashed In Cayman Islands

#caribbean #cayman #motivational — Looks like my motivational video I released yesterday stirred a lot of curiosity among my viewers especially since it contains footage of a big stingray hitting me in the face while scuba diving.

I didn’t get into the details of the history of this location but it’s an area near Grand Cayman Island, the largest of the three main Cayman Islands called Stingray City. It’s a sandbar offshore were large groups of stingrays have been gathering to interact with humans for years.

Legend has it that sailors from the old pirate days use to through bits of fish and squid into this area and the stingrays there got use to it. In the wild, stingrays are quite shy and avoid humans in the water. Encounters between humans and stingrays have been dangerous often with the humans being stung by the stingray’s sharp barb in its tail. This barb contains a deadly venom and if injected in the wrong place, as in the case of Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin, this results in death.

However, at the Stingray City site, the creatures there have been accustomed to humans and even enthusiastically wait for their arrival to feed them. This has become such an attraction that Stingray City is now probably the number one tourist attraction in the Cayman Islands.

Cruiseship passengers are taken to Stingray City each day to wade in the shallow waters where stingrays will swim right into their arms. Of course, snorkellers and scuba divers like myself are taken to a deeper part of Stingray City where it’s referred as the world’s best 12 foot deep dive.

It is here where I had my encounters with stingrays and was captured on video. This was several years ago but now I have finally been able to use the footage as part of a Clint Cora Motivational WebTV episode since there is a personal growth lesson attached to it. Of course, the part where I got my face smashed by one of these stingrays is quite entertaining as well.

See this episode at my Scuba Diving At Stingray City post. And when you are there, feel free to leave comments and pass it on to friends who would also be entertained by watching my face get hit by a stingray.

Steve Killers
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mountain/Ash

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  • One of the most popular dives is Stingray City , friendly stingrays in water as shallow as 12 feet.

  • dready

    We loved your story – we are researching the best company to go with. Have you heard of Stingraycityunited ?

  • No, we used Fosters Diviing since we wanted to dive not just Stingray City but also the many awesome reef dives there too.

  • Ocean Dive

    Stingray City Cayman is an experience of a lifetime.The stingrays are colossal however tender! We got to touch them, kiss them and pet them, and the Stingray City United people made an incredible showing holding them for us to associate with Incredible memories!.