Sports Motivational Lesson As Russia Beats Canada In Junior Hockey Shocker

Russia Beats Canada in World Junior Hockey

There must have been a real sports motivational lesson tonight.  Canada and Russia played against each other in the gold medal game in Buffalo, New York with 18,000 Canadian fans taking over the Buffalo arena where the NHL team Buffalo Sabres usually play.  It was like the Canadians with their sea of red jerseys had taken over Buffalo.  The premier of Ontario even declared Buffalo to be an honourary town of Ontario.

After beating Team USA in the semi-finals the night before, the Canadian junior team was poised to bring home the gold.  They started off great with a 2 to 0 lead after the first period.  They got another goal in the second period to lead 3 to 0.

Sports Motivational Lesson In Russia Dressing Room

Something must have happened in the Russia dressing room in between the periods.  The Russian coaching staff must have given one heck of a sports motivational lesson to the Russian juniors.  During the last period of play, they kept Canada from scoring although the Canadians had quite a few great chances.

But the big shocker came as the Russians scored three goals in a matter of five minutes.  Then they score two more goals to end the game as well as the gold medal.  The Canadian fans were stunned.

If we think about it, this great win by the Russian juniors proves that even if you are behind, you can still win if you can get things together.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a sports game or anything else in life.  The Russians proved tonight that it often pays to never give up even if the odds initially don’t look so good.

This is a sports motivational lesson that we can all learn from for our own lives.  That Russian coach deserves some real credit as he must have found a way to motivate his team after the first period as well as the second while behind.

I wish we could get the full story so that the rest of us can apply it but I’m pretty sure that it must have some relationship to never giving up.  Our own Canadian boys will have to learn a slightly different lesson.  There will be other games to play if you learn from your mistakes.

I find that sports motivational stories like these championships can be so insightful for the rest of us to apply to our own lives.  For more motivational resources for the rest of us as well as my free World Champion Personal Growth Guide, just visit my Clint Cora website.

Russian flag waving on Kruzenshtern
Creative Commons License photo credit: pimgmx

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