So Nice To Have Great Customer Service

#business #customerservice #webhosting #caa #aaa —  It’s so nice and refreshing to have great customer service these days especially since this is an area that is lacking in many businesses we encounter.  Just last week alone, I experienced not one but two great examples of awesome customer service from businesses.

At the beginning of the week, I unfortunately had a flat tire one morning.  I stopped on a side street and called CAA (Canadian version of AAA) for the first time as a member.  They had a special cellphone code and the operator answered quickly.  After taking my details on location and what my problem was, she told me that somebody will be here within 40 minutes or so.

I then got a few regular automated updates by phone that told me how much longer it will take for somebody to get to me.  When the CAA truck finally arrived, the time they took was actually only about 15 minutes rather then the original 40 I was quoted.

The CAA service guy installed my spare tire relatively quickly.  It was actually a smaller auto service vehicle that did not have towing capacity so I assume it was dedicated to flat tires, dead batteries and that type of stuff.  But he had me going on my way very quickly.

This was the first time that I have ever used my CAA membership and I was pleasantly surprised by the quick and efficient customer service.

The second example came on Saturday morning.  I started the process of migrating my website (along with this blog) from a web hosting service I had been using for years to my Bluehost account which already hosts a few of my websites.  I wanted to consolidate all my websites into one web hosting account.  I did the domain registration changes to point to Bluehost on Friday night.

All the propagation which was expected to be 24 to 48 hours, was done by the next morning on Saturday, way ahead of schedule.  I had uploaded all the website files by FTP to the Bluehost servers earlier in the week.

On Saturday morning, my website was working great from the new servers except for the blog which came back with an error.  I am not a techie so I called Bluehost technical support which is available live 24/7.  The support technician answered quickly and within several minutes, fixed some things up on his end which resulted in this blog functioning perfectly again.  I gave Bluehost top marks for rating the technical support call.

Customer service is important for me especially for things like website hosting since again, I’m not that technical.  So having such great service at Bluehost was a deciding factor for me in choosing them – see my separate article on how to choose website hosting services.

These two examples of awesome customer service helped these business secure my loyalty to them in the future.  I have no reservations on recommending either CAA or Bluehost to my friends and readers.

How about you?  Did you experience any great examples of customer service this past week?  Please feel free to share in the comments section.

Dave Borins and the Lost Keys
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