Ski Instructor Sports Motivational Feedback

Sports Motivational Of A Kind

Although I’m not really promoting or depending on my role as a professional ski instructor, I do teach a lot of ski students during the winter in addition to my own time on the slopes to ski for my own improvement.  It’s my major winter activity and I teach students to help them with their skiing and it’s part of my social life on the slopes.  Since it also involves building confidence in ski students, my ski lessons are therefore a kind of sports motivational activity for them.

More Ski Instructor Feedback

Here is some more feedback I got from ski students when I was their ski instructor last week in this case, at a local resort called Mt St Louis Moonstone.

Kathleen says,
“Perfect day for skiing, SLM’s slopes are ideal for a beginner like me. Gentle downhill, just the way I want it. I’ve been on skiing hiatus due to an injury but I am glad to be back to re-learn everything. And asking Clint to help with this goal was a good decision. Clint was patient in teaching and was thorough in assessing my skill level. He taught me several things to be safer on the slopes. Excellent! I look forward to next class.”

A long time intermediate skier, Patti, says,
“I have skied for a number of years and THOUGHT I knew what I was doing. I am SOOOO grateful to have had access to Clint for lessons. He was patient in breaking me of BAD habits and in a very short time explained (and corrected) my body movement(s) vis-a-vis the mountain and taught me 5 techniques that DRAMATICALLY improved my experience. I finally CONQUERED Black Diamond runs after the lesson YAHOOO!!). AND sssooooo cheaply compared to what I paid for lessons in the past! THANKS CLINT!!!”

Always great to help out people on the ski slopes and enjoy the winter.  Most certainly this qualifies as a type of sports motivational activity!
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