Best Self Help Therapy To Stop Procrastinating

stop procrastinating self help therapy
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Best Self Help Therapy

Do you want to finally stop procrastinating?  I can let you in on a huge secret.  In many cases, the best self help therapy always involves other people.  So in a way, this might not be truly self help for something as annoying and hard to kick like procrastinating, getting help from other people is one of the most effective ways to stop it for good.

For example, I’m a die-hard snow skier in the winter.  However, one of the things I want to get better at on the ski slopes is being able to ski the bumps better.  These are like little snow mounds that are formed right on the hill and are usually very challenging for skiers and snowboarders.

Of course, to be able to do them better, I would have to go on these bumps a lot. But what has usually happened in the past during my ski days?  You guessed it.  I ended up procrastinating by avoiding the bumps and skied the easier slopes instead.  I stayed on the ski hills that I would handle with ease.  By the way, want to see me on the slopes?  Check the video on Play In Self Development.

Get With A Group To Stop Procrastinating

I’m not a big time procrastinator but in this case, I certainly was doing my share of procrastination.  So in order to stop it, I needed a more effective strategy than just simple self help therapy to put my mind into it.  I needed to be among a group of like minded individuals who also wanted to achieve the same things and will be there to encourage each other.

So what I did last year during the ski season was to register for a skills development day all on skiing the bumps.  There were about 50 of us who were already certified ski instructors but wanted to improve our bump skiing.  We had top level 4 expert ski instructors to help us all day.

Once registered for this session, I made a c0mmitment to get on the bumps.  With other skiers at about the same ability as me, I didn’t feel left out and I actually felt more encouraged to get on the bumps more.

So by being with a group of other people who also want to improve, I stopped procrastinating with regards to my bump skiing.  So anytime I am on a ski hill with similar ability level bumps I encountered during that special session, I make it an effort to get on them and try to work on the skills I learned.

This type of self help therapy involving other people can work for many other issues as well.  If you were procrastinating to do something to lose weight, to quite smoking, to finally write a book or anything else, consider getting in with a group of others who want to do the same thing.  This will help you get motivated to take action.

Stop Procrastinating Video

I shot a previous episode of Motivational WebTV when I was down in southern California last year on a speaking tour.  This video was all about how to stop procrastination – check it out.

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