Audio Self Help CDs Now For Your Car

#selfhelp #motivational — For about a year now, the audio version of my book The Life Champion In You has been available as a single three hour MP3 CD.  Due to feedback from people who wanted to listen to the audio book while driving in their cars, I’ve decided to completely relaunch these audio self help CDs.

The problem with most car audio systems and portable CD players is that they do not support MP3 files.  Although the MP3 CD was playable in any computer, iPod and could be converted to standard audio files via software, I now recognize that many folks want to use their time in their cars constructively by learning from an audio self help program at the same time.  This makes sense as it turns long distance road trips and those dreaded rush hour traffic scenes much more tolerable.

So I’ve decided to discontinue the single MP3 CD and relaunch the audio version of The Life Champion In You as a multi CD set featuring standard audio CDs which can be played in your car system or portable CD player.  The new program now has three audio self help CDs.

But there’s more.  Since the audio refers to some diagrams in the printed book, I’ve decided to add on a free bonus fourth CD containing the digital ebook version of the book.  This ebook version is on a PDF file and does have the diagrams I talk about in the audio program.  So this multi CD set is self contained all in a nice box too.

I’ve kept the actual MP3 audio files available as digital downloads for anybody who prefers to get the audio program that way.  The ebook is also included in the downloadable version as well.

Now, people can indeed listen to entertaining and educational self help content with my new audio self help CDs version of The Life Champion In You.   As a result of this new motivational resource, my webpage for my books and audio programs has been redesigned.

self help audio book cd

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