Self Growth More Clear In The Morning

Self Growth In The Morning

I’m up at 6 am this morning for no particular reason but I do remember the idea that self growth is often more clear first thing in the morning.  I didn’t get a full 8 hour sleep but as usual, my Lhasa Apso dogs are already beside my bed ready to get me up at this time.  I’ll probably need a short nap in the afternoon to get my full rest requirement.

But as I’m sitting in front of my computer writing this blog post and looking out the window as the sun is just starting to rise, it’s rather quiet out there as most of the morning rush hour traffic has not started yet.  And for some reason, my thoughts are very clear and undistracted.  This is perfect for visualization of my own self growth plans and reflection of progress.

Too Distracting During The Day For Self Growth Plans

Quite often during the busy day, there is too much happening around us which in turn makes it too distracting for any self growth plans.  This is why they say that early in the morning and late evening hours are the best times of the day to do any real thinking about one’s self growth.

Really, the only time I get up at the crack of dawn is for a winter ski day which you can see part of at my Motivational WebTV episode about play in self help development or back in my former career with a drug representative pharmaceutical job when I had early morning hospital rounds.  Most of my days are quite civil in terms of getting up in the morning.

Will Do More Early Mornings For Self Growth

Having said all this, I am getting a lot out of being up early this morning as my plans for self growth including the decision to take on an online business coach are much more crystal clear.  You should try such an early morning sometimes and feel free to share your own experience with us here on this blog below.

self growth plans early morning
Creative Commons License photo credit: Timothy Valentine

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