Positive Motivation Scuba Diving With Dolphins In Motivational WebTV

Positive Motivation With Dolphins

Here is the Motivational WebTV episode of positive motivation that many people have been waiting for.  Several years ago, I went down to Grand Bahama Island to scuba dive and one of the dives I did was the dolphin dive.  This is when I was able to interact with live dolphins in their natural habitat about 55 feet deep underwater.  I since uploaded a video on YouTube showing my fun with the dolphins and up to date, there are nearly 378,000 views.

I have finally been able to take the same video footage of the dolphin dive and put it within a new episode of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV.  There is a nice principle of success and positive motivation included of course.

This will be the second poolside and scuba diving related episode produced this past summer and is a continuation of that theme.  I’m glad that I’m finally able to share this unforgettable experience with my viewers.  I’m also thankful for decongestants as you will soon hear about in this video.  If it wasn’t for these medications, I would never have been able to interact with these dolphins this way.  It was a very inspirational and exciting experience.  I now get to share this with you.

Here is the clip of positive motivation with the dolphins just below.

More Positive Motivation

This will not be the last Motivational WebTV episode featuring a scuba diving element as positive motivation since I still have additional video footage featuring shipwrecks, stingrays and even sharks.  I hope you look forward to seeing those future episodes as I’m quite excited to include them in new videos as well.

If you think others would love to see this positive motivation with my dolphin dive, please share this episode with others.  Your comments of course are always welcome here at this blog or on my Facebook page (don’t forget to hit the Like button).

If you missed any of the previous 18 episodes, you can catch them listed at Past Episodes of Motivational WebTV.  I hope there’s enough variety in them to keep you wanting to return to see the next episode for more positive motivation.

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  • Good one! Keep rocking.

  • Rob Belsby

    Cool video.

    Would certainly like to see more diving episodes, especially with sharks and rays – two of my favourite creatures.



  • They will be coming at some point. Also video footage of swimming of manatees too. Now they are really special since it was an opportunity to interact with an endangered species.