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As a motivational speaker, I just attended the three day Millionaire Mind Intensive event that was held in Toronto this past weekend.  As promised, here is my review and thoughts on the event that was created by T. Harv Eker, founder of Peak Potentials Training and author of the New York Times best seller, Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

On Friday morning when I arrived, I found out that they had a computer glitch with registrations so mine was not on record.  So I had to line up with the others who just showed up that morning.  Turns out that this was not a big problem since the line went fast.   They also passed out a free little book called Speedwealth by Eker which was a nice touch.

They had a full capacity audience of about 350.  Staff had to serve as ushers to find single seats much like they do at movie theatres.  About 1/4 of the audience were people who had attended previous MMI events so they do have a good fan base.

The main speaker trainer was not T. Harv Eker himself (which I already knew in advance) but it was another Canadian by the name of Keiron Sweeney who turned out to be a really good speaker.  He is also a multimillionaire which secured his credibility in my mind.

In fact, there were a few millionaires in the audience as some past Peak Potentials students were in attendance and have achieved financial freedom.  This fact alone made it so different from other events I went to since it was really something to be in the same room and hear from these folks who really found success in terms of wealth.

The energy level was very high as the speaker utilized audience participation every several minutes.  This was in complete contrast to your usual Toastmasters event where most of the time, speakers speak and the audience just listens.  Here at the Millionaire Mind Intensive, there was constant back and forth demanded by the speaker trainer.  There were lots of high fives and declarations.

Personally, I think this was a bit excessive for my taste as I would have preferred maybe about 50% of the amount of audience participation but then again, it was a very long three days that went into evening sessions (I actually missed Friday and Saturday nights) and the audience seemed to eat it up without anybody falling asleep.

Energy Appreciated By Motivational Speaker

To continue with the high energy theme, after each break, they played dance music and invited eager audience members to come on stage to dance away.  They had no problems filling up the stage each time especially given that there were quite a lot of teens and even younger kids who came to the event with their parents.

The content was quite sound in my opinion.  They covered financial beliefs and attitudes during the first half of the event and went into some financial and wealth strategies during the second half, all presented in a fun, high energy way.

They used a lot of partner work as well.  Some I liked and some I honestly did not.  But again, the vast majority of the audience seemed to love every minute.  There was also some good networking activities.

Of course as expected, the presenter spent time to pitch the more advanced and expensive courses by Peak Potentials.  Interestingly enough, these pitches were done in a way that I didn’t actually mind sitting through.  The Millionaire Mind Intensive just scratches the surface of many of the topics that Peak Potentials cover so I expect that the real nitty gritty material will be in the advanced courses.

Motivational Speaker Recommends Attending MMI

As a motivational speaker, would I recommend people to attend the Millionaire Mind Intensive?  The answer is yes, if one wants to achieve financial freedom.  This is an event where you will get a good introduction to the modern concepts of achieving high wealth and freedom.  It will take the advance courses to teach you the main details but at least the MMI will really get you thinking.  Couples should definitely attend together if possible.

Would I go back?  Maybe, even if to be in the company of other like minded individuals who are all interested in achieving financial freedom too.  I’ve met some good contacts I could network with and even bumped into a few familiar faces.  There were even a few Toastmasters there and it was refreshing to interact with them in a totally different way than in usual Toastmasters venues.  At the Millionaire Mind Intensive, the focus was money and that’s what we all wanted to talk about.

Would being exposed to the Millionaire Mind Intensive influence me as a motivational speaker?  Maybe.  I did like the way the event was organized and will consider some of the factors when I run my full day personal development seminars and multi-speaker conferences in the future.

Millionaire Mindset motivational speaker
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  • Clint, I was there a second time and it was a GREAT weekend. I did some tweaks that will help.


  • Mukul, you must have found the part about their internet marketing course pretty boring! Hey, if you ever decide to get more into doing live presentations and would like my help since this is one of my areas of expertise (but not available commercially), just let me know.