Relive My Bruce Lee Inspirational Movies Moments

Bruce Lee Inspirational Movies

One of the things I like to do is rewatch Bruce Lee movies every couple of months. Martial arts legend Bruce Lee was the single most influencial person in my life. As I describe in great detail in both my book ‘The Life Champion In You‘ as well as in my motivational keynote speeches, Bruce Lee changed my life.

I spent part of New Year’s eve this time watching his movie ‘The Chinese Connection’ which was his second release and one of the most inspirational movies I’ve ever seen. This happened to be the first Bruce Lee movie I’ve ever watched and I still remember that day when I was a little kid seeing it in a Chinese movie theatre in Toronto.

The Bruce Lee Scene That Changed My Life

It was the famous scene where Chen, the character Bruce Lee played, was in the karate dojo surrounded by the Japanese bad guys from the movie. He took off his top and then did one of the most legendary fight scenes ever in history.

I was in total awe even though this was just a movie because I have never seen a Chinese man built like Bruce Lee and move like him before. During those years of my youth, I unfortunately did not have a very positive image of my Chinese community because of the racism I experienced.

However, that particular scene and the movie itself changed my attitude towards other Chinese and towards myself that day forever. Bruce Lee became my idol and role model from that day onwards.

As I was watching that scene again on this past New Year’s eve decades after the first time I saw one of Bruce Lee’s inspirational movies, I basically relived that magical moment like I was in that Chinese theatre again.

It’s hard to put into words exactly how I felt as I watched it but there was certain pride and understanding of the early origins of my own path so far in life. It was a great feeling for sure.

If you missed my Motivational WebTV episode on him, check out my Bruce Lee video tribute.  I also invite you to check out an article I wrote about Bruce Lee at a martial arts information website I have. If you get a chance, do watch some of his films as even many years later, they are still some of the most inspirational movies ever made.

Brucce Lee Illustration
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mr. Fotoshop

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