Quick Schedule Changes With Solo Travel

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Successful Solo Travel

I travel most of the time as a solo traveller.  Solo travel itself is a scary thought for many people out there who would not dream of going away on a vacation trip on their own.  However, having done both solo, partner and group travel, I must say that going at it alone has many benefits.

For example, you don’t have to wait on anybody else’s schedule.  You do what you want, eat when you want, sleep when you want and spend as much or as little money as you want.  You can make quick changes to your itinerary as you see fit.

Dominican Republic Scuba Diving

This is exactly what happened with me recently during a trip to the Dominican Republic.  I had brought all my scuba diving gear down with me since I prefer to use my own equipment rather than rental stuff.  But when I got to this Caribbean country, it rained quite a bit.

I had already made contact with a local dive operator named Scuba Dive Sosua and when its owner, dive instructor Pablo Santos came to pick me up, he said the weather forecast had predicted rain all day but the afternoon was clearing up quite nicely.  So he asked me if I wanted to get in some diving even before my scheduled morning dives the next day.

Since the weather is unpredictable and there seemed to be a break in the rain, I decided on the spot that I should get in some dives just in case if the morning turns for the worse.  I have been at dive destinations where my scheduled dives were cancelled because of bad weather.

So Pablo and his efficient crew took me out for two tank dives that afternoon.  Coming from Canada, I was really happy to be in the tropical 80 degree F ocean!

The next morning, the weather cooperated again even though it rained pretty hard overnight.  Again, a lucky break perhaps but it was another opportunity to get back into the ocean.  All other activities during my trip could wait until after my diving.

So we went back into the Dominican waters for another two tank dives seeing some pretty interesting marine life including large crabs, lobsters, exquisite lionfish, spotted eels, porcupine fish, sea urchins, tiny shrimp on coral and even a very elusive frogfish.

Quick Schedule Changes Possible

So with solo travel, it’s really easy to make quick schedule changes as the opportunities come up.  Since there is no large group or others to agree upon, a solo traveller can be more adaptable with travel itinerary.  As a result of making changes due to sudden breaks in the weather, I got in four dives for my scuba log book including my 100th career dive while in the Dominican Republic.

Anybody going down to the north coast of Dominican Republic (Puerto Plata, Sosua, Cabarete) and wants to try some scuba diving, I would highly recommend Pablo Santos and his crew at Scuba Dive Sosua – I’m pictured above with Pablo after one of our dives.

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