Preview Of Winter Paralympics

I just saw a preview of the Winter Paralympics to take place a bit after the 2010 Winter Olympics.  The sled hockey event looks pretty rough.   These are hockey players who play sitting on a sled since they are mostly paralyzed from the hip down.  They do allow contact in this event so what can I say?  These guys are sure a lot tougher than I am!

Also saw this blind skier who races down by following a sighted skier who acts as a guide.  This particular skier has about 6% vision left in his left eye and only light perception in his right eye.  He says he pretty well just follows the fuzzy shape of the skier in front of him down the slope.  The guide also uses a two way radio to alert the blind skier of any changes in terrain like bumps and jumps.  Yes, the blind skier also goes off jumps!

As I was watching, I put my ski instructor hat on and observed the blind skiers skiing technique.  His technique is actually quite good.  This skier as well as other winter paralympics athletes are very impressive.

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