Possible Mississauga Event Open To Public

#mississauga – I’m currently working with two other professionals in different fields to bring a possible speaking event in Mississauga and this one will be open to the general public.  These two other professionals are in real estate and financial investments.

The idea is that we want to put on a great night of useful information and motivation for the general public in the city of Mississauga.  The two other folks besides myself, will present maybe 15 to 20 minute presentations in their respective fields that will be of interest to the public.

Some one will be in a topic in real estate while the other will be around investments.  Both of these topics should be of interest to most of us.  These two expert topic speakers will then make themselves available at designated tables with information literature they can hand out to anybody in attendance that night.

I will be the guest keynote speaker presenting my signature motivational program that will be anywhere from 45 to 60 minutes.  Of course, I will be available for anyone from the audience who wants to speak to me as well after my talk.

Athough not confirmed yet, there might also be a table for information on local Toastmasters clubs which will be staffed by local members.  There might also be a third expert topic speaker in addition to real estate and investments.

This event will be about two hours long in total with a break in the middle.  Best of all, it will be offered free of charge to the general public.  It will likely be somewhere in the Square One area but of course, details will come as we further develop this event.

This particular event will also give a chance for local people here in my hometown of Mississauga to hear my motivational keynote.  Depending on the type of venue we secure, I may decide to bring a video crew along to capture my presentation for future use on my website.

We want to do this event right so if we can’t get it scheduled for say late November, we will try for late February or early March.  So stay tuned for developments.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Canned Muffins

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