Patience With Winter Driving Part Of Personal Management

Best To Stay Off Winter Roads

It’s always best to stay off winter roads if conditions are bad but if you do need to travel or you get caught in sudden bad conditions as I did today, it always pays off to have lots of patience.  Forget about getting anywhere in time as it’s much better to get there in one piece rather than in some other less desirable state.  Winter driving, as with rush hour driving, is slow and the patience required is a test of one’s personal management.

Today, I got caught trying to get up to my usual snow skiing place, Blue Mountain in Collingwood, Ontario.  It’s normally a two hour drive up from the Toronto area if roads are clear.  However, today was a different story.  The roads started out okay but about halfway up, they started getting snow covered.  This still wasn’t a problem  since I took things slow.

Then I saw a truck up ahead that sprawled across the road.  The police were there to warn other drivers until the truck was able to move aside.  I got through okay but soon the hills were a real nightmare.  I played it safe by switching down to second gear on those slopes and some were quite nervous moments.

One several of the open field areas, the blowing snow made visibility almost zero and that’s when I went really slow.  I’m surprised the police didn’t close the roads at this point.  Cars and trucks were driving with their flashers one.

It’s a good thing that the roads were relatively straight.  Otherwise, I might have missed a curve and end up on in the ditch or even worse, hit another approaching car.  But again, patience was the key here.

I debated about turning around but I was already up so far towards Blue Mountain.  So I thought that I might as well stick it out and at least ski a few runs before heading back home hoping that conditions would clear up by then.

Another Test Of Personal Management

Another test of personal management came as I made it to the town of Collingwood.  The last stretch of road to Blue Mountain was closed by the police.  So I ended up not being able to ski after all and started my way back home.

The way back initially was no better than coming.  Pretty soon, I came upon yet another tractor trailer that jackknifed on the road.  This one wasn’t going anywhere soon so I had to turn back a bit and take a detour highway back down south.

It was already lunchtime (I had originally departed home this morning at 7:30 am) so I pulled up to a service station, used the washroom, and had a leisurely lunch in my car.  Again, no need to rush home while I knew there were still several hours of daylight left.  Another test of patience.

About halfway down, the roads and winds cleared up and I got home safely.  I didn’t treat the day as a waste because I got home in one piece happy to see my dogs.  I also got to test my brand new snow tires out and they performed wonderfully.

Interestingly enough, when I got home, I learned online that Blue Mountain had actually closed for the day due to high winds so even if the final road wasn’t closed, I wouldn’t have gotten any skiing in anyway.  So one thing I did learn today is perhaps check the resort website to get the latest conditions before heading out.

I also heard that there were many car pileups and vehicles ending up in the ditch.  So when it comes to winter driving, if you can’t avoid it, go extra slow and have lots of patience.  Yes, mother nature is testing you but it is also a challenge for your own personal management of your own emotions.

Stay inside where it’s safe with your loved ones and maybe catch up on my past episodes of Motivational WebTV where you will be entertained, educated and inspired.

Be safe this winter out there on the roads.

Creative Commons License photo credit: only alice

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