Past Comes Back To Haunt Professional Keynote Speaker

Past Of Professional Keynote Speaker

Well, this month so far certainly has been interesting as a very unexpected thing has happened.  Within a span of a few days, I received not one but two different emails from two different individuals inquiring about a part of my past that I have not talked about for many years.  This particular aspect of my past has to do with my music background.  It’s actually like a part of my past that has come back to haunt this professional keynote speaker.

When I was in high school and during the early university years, I played in a few rock bands.  We actually went into recording studios and recorded some music projects resulting in 45 and EP vinyl records.  This month, one individual from here in Toronto and one in Victoria, BC, contacted me to ask whether I was the Clint involved in these rock bands and if these vinyl records were still available somewhere.

Professional Keynote Speaker Music Background

The fact is that these particular rock bands I played in haven’t been heard of since 1980 when the first 45 was produced.  It’s been over 30 years!  I have no idea how my music background from so long ago ever surfaced now.  So the guy from Victoria requested a Skype call with me which I granted.

It turns out that there are vinyl record collectors out there and these two individuals who contacted me like to collect works from obscure Canadian bands.  They actively collect and trade records with others.

I was a bit concerned about the possibility of releasing anything that I still have since the quality of the recordings are now considered quite rough and amateurish in a way but the guy in Victoria claims that this is actually one of the charms of the collectibles.  So I will definitely have more on this story as it develops.  This will certainly be a twist in this chapter of my professional keynote speaker career.

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