Orcas Showing Teamwork To Achieve Big Goals

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Teamwork For Big Goals

I don’t know about you but I really love orcas or killerwhales as they are often known.  I like watching them when I go to aquariums like Seaworld, the Vancouver Aquarium or Marineland in Niagara Falls.  I like them so much that I even collect Northwest Indian art carvings of killerwhales.  You might see some in the background of many of my videos shot at home.

Instead of watching many of the current reality TV shows, I prefer to watch educational television.  One of the channels I love of course is Discovery Channel and I was watching the documentary entitled ‘Frozen Planet’ which is an absolutely incredible series showing nature and wildlife in the high Arctic as well as the Antarctic.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s a must-see as the series educates us about the far reaches of our planet with some awesome film footage (I’ll have more info on Frozen Planet at the end of the post).

Orca Teamwork In Antarctic Waters

The first Frozen Planet episode showed a great scene in the ocean near Antarctica.  It captured a pod of orcas during a hunt.  The prey during this scene was a seal lying on an ice floe.

The orcas used a strategy where they swam in a row in unison under the ice floe to create a massive wave in order to break it up and knock the seal into the water.  The seal looked totally confused on what was happening.

When the seal hit the water, the whales then used a sideswiping move to create turbulence in the ocean.  Some even blew air bubbles in the water to distract the seal.  The orcas were careful to avoid the possible snapping bite of the seal and did these manoveurs to do that.

The seal did eventually escape onto another ice floe but was so exhausted that one of the orcas simply casually came up behind and dragged the seal by the tail and into the ocean.  This orca then kept the seal under water to drown it.

It was an amazing display of teamwork that made the orcas successful in their hunt.  In fact, killerwhales are sometimes known as the ‘wolves of the seas’ because of their similar pack behaviour much like wolves exhibit on land during their hunts.  Frozen Planet also showed another scene where Arctic wolves did bring down a huge bison, again with great teamwork involved.

Teamwork For Our Own Goals

Such examples of teamwork in nature made me think about the lessons that we humans can also apply.  For many of our bigger and loftier goals, it is extremely difficult to accomplish them on our own. Building successful businesses and losing body weight are just two such big challenges.

Although it might be possible to achieve such big goals, they are much easier to attain if like the orcas, we use great teamwork.  By having the help and expertise of the right people working with us, we can achieve many of our goals much faster.  The chances of overall success are higher as well when we have the right support, inspiration, guidance and motivation from others.

If you have certain big goals that you want to achieve, consider recruiting an awesome team around you so that you won’t have to face your challenges all alone.  Get other like-minded people to help you as you help them achieve their goals.  Everyone wins when teamwork is applied for success.

I will be doing just that this year as I plan to acquire investment real estate properties.  It’s a new area for me but I will put together the right team of people with the right expertise and experience who can help me accomplish this goal.  It’s all about teamwork rather than a solo effort.

What about you?  Can you think of any of your own goals that you should create a team for?  Feel free to comment below.

Frozen Planet DVD/Blueray

Oh, by the way, the Discovery Channel store has Frozen Planet available on DVD and Blueray now.  I would highly recommend this series for its educational content presented with stunning, entertaining videography.  Just click on the little blue graphic below for more details at Discovery Channel.

Frozen Planet DVD

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