New Fall Season Fitness Program 2016

Fall Season Fitness Program

I had my final outdoor swim workout so this always signals the end of my summer fitness program and the start of the new fall season one.  Since the pool workouts are so effective for me, I’m going to retain them for one day each week for my fall season but of course I’ll have to go to an indoor community centre pool instead.

So here’s how my fall season fitness program will look like;

Mondays – martial arts & stretching

Tuesdays – martial arts weapons & stretching

Wednesdays – swimming pool workout

Thursdays – weights strength training & super stretch

Fridays – martial arts & stretching

Saturdays – martial arts weapons & stretching

Sundays – weights strength training & super stretch

I will also do a short abs set four times per week just before lunch.  Personally, I like to do these as a totally separate thing from my other workouts.

In addition to the above, there will also be two walks/hikes most weeks with my groups, usually one midweek and one on the weekends.  So my strength training sessions on Sundays sometimes might get shifted to the Saturdays if I feel it is needed.  Same thing with the Saturday weaponry session as they can also be shifted to Sundays, depending on how I feel.

This will be a good fall season fitness program for me to help me prepare for my winter ski season.  Extra exercises are always done during the strength training workouts for my legs as pre-ski season training.

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