Never Too Old To Grow Monster Beans – Motivational WebTV #78

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Never Too Old To Learn New Skills

Last year in episode number 55, I showed my viewers my first ever vegetable garden.  It was proof that it’s never too late to learn new skills.  Well, this year, I decided to continue not only with another veggie garden but also with this theme in a new episode of Motivational WebTV.

I did do pretty well for some vegetables last year like the beans but some others like carrots and some of the lettuce were disasters.  But that’s okay because we all learn from our past experiences.  So by applying some of the lessons learned from last season to the one this year, I was able to do even better with my gardening.

In fact, as you will see in this new video, I was able to grow some pretty big ‘monster’ beans.  Take a look.

I had actually hoped to do well especially with the beans this year so I planted extra bean seeds at the beginning of the growing season.  This decision proved to be a good one as I kept getting a regular supply of awesome beans for my dinner table for a few months.

And believe me, those monster beans tasted just great!

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  • Psychhill

    Your beans looked great. How did they taste?


  • They tasted awesome – much fresher than store bought ones!