My Own Personal Learning And Selfhelp This Weekend

#selfhelp #selfimprovement  — Since I practise what I preach in regards to continued  education, I will be attending a special Photo and Digital Imaging Show this weekend for my own personal learning and selfhelp efforts.  What does this type of show have to do with anything you might ask?

I’m not a professional photographer or videographer but I do take most of the photos (not all) and shoot most of the videos for my various websites just because it’s a lot faster to do them myself than wait for somebody else to do them.  Of course, the end results are not always at the professional quality level but I think in most cases, the photos and videos serve their purposes quite well.

However, of course there’s always room for improvement.  This particular photo show this weekend will be loaded with seminars all day long on topics like lighting and photo composition which are areas that I know very little about.  I figure that these seminars will be ideal for my own personal learning since the tips I pick up will help me create better photos and videos for everyone to experience on my websites.

Attending such seminars therefore represent an active form of selfhelp for me and in this case, helps me serve all of my website visitors better so the cost and time for being at this show will be very worthwhile in my opinion.

Selfhelp does not always have to be in the form of books by Tony Robbins or Dr. Wayne Dyer for example (or even my own selfhelp book The Life Champion In You).  They can be in the form of specific technical improvement which helps you in certain areas of your life.  In this case, I want to improve on the technical areas of photography and video since I’m weak in those areas but I realize that improvements in those areas will help me overall in my website projects.

If you have current examples of your own personal learning, feel free to share in the comment section of this blog post below.

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