My New Year Resolutions For The Ski Slopes

As promised, I’m sharing more of my personal New Year resolutions with everyone.  By making these public, I’m going to force myself to be more accountable for them.  For the least several years now, my New Year resolutions and personal goals have included my time on the ski slopes since I’m an avid skier.  Last year was to pass my Level 2 instructor certification which I did.

For this year, my skiing will be much less stressful than the previous winter since I’m no longer training to take a certification course.  However, that doesn’t mean that I haven’t set any further goals for my skiing.   Skiing is an activity where there is always room for improvement, even for us ski instructors.

For this winter, I want to get more comfortable on double black diamond slopes which are usually the steepest ones at ski resorts.  I also want to get more comfortable skiing bumps or moguls.

In order to do this, I must expand my own comfort zone which is something that I preach all the time to others during my motivational talks and in my books (see my article on how to expand your comfort zone).

While I’m still relatively fresh during the mornings at my main ski place Blue Mountain, I’m forcing myself to ski down the double black diamond slopes which I have previously avoided in previous years.  I know that the more I go down them, the more comfortable I will be with them.

As for the bumps, I’ve also registered for a special training day for instructors in February just to learn how to ski them better.  It will be led by senior ski instructors.  This helps me commit to my New Year resolutions for the ski slopes this winter.

As I will predict, the comfort zone expansion I experience on the ski slope will most certainly help me with my other 2010 goals as I transfer the confidence built up to other areas.

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