Mutual Inspiration At Personal Development Skills Workshop

Personal Development Skills Speaker

I was invited to be a guest speaker to conduct a quick personal development skills workshop for a group of Filipino caregivers recently.   The cultural community centre ran some workshops for these women and I was the final speaker for the day.

It was a very receptive audience and the women showed their appreciation of the personal development skills principles presented to them by writing thank you notes for me.  They also took turns requesting individual photos with me at the end of my session.  It was quite evident that these women were deeply inspired by my talk.

Personal Development Skills Resulted In Mutual Inspiration

However, this group of women were not the only ones inspired during that afternoon.  It turns out that I as the speaker, was also deeply inspired by the audience.

These women all left their homeland and families halfway around the world to come here to a foreign land to work hard as caregivers in order to make money for their loved ones.  They have made a high sacrifice in order to provide for their families back home especially given the fact that they have to endure the Canadian winters now.

For most of the work week, they are working and living at their clients’ homes without having their colleagues and friends around.  In many ways, this is a lonely existence and the sponsoring community centre gives as much support to them as possible.  This is why they chose to offer such a personal development skills session as a treat for these hard working women.

Coming from various hardships back in the Philipines, these ladies chose not to just sit there on their behinds and do nothing.  Instead, they took action and made commitments to help out their families by coming abroad.

This is very inspirational to me!  I really don’t know how many people here in North America would be willing to make such sacrifices to go halfway around the world to work like this.  Some haven’t seen their families for something like two years.  I can’t even go without my dogs for a few weeks!

Interestingly enough, I don’t think these Filipino women know just how inspiring they really are.  But I hope that they do realize it so that they can take this achievement and apply confidence to anything else they want to achieve in life.  It’s probably applying personal development skills in other ways they never thought possible before.

Below is a group photo of the participants of this personal development skills workshop with yours truly in the back.  This is the group of women who inspired me.  For more information about my personal development skills talks, see my Speaking Programs section at my website.

personal development skills workshop inspiration

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