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Christian Slater Movie Shoot Mansion

I previously wrote about an old mansion that I bought which was turned into a rental triplex and that this particular turn of the century property was once used as a movie shoot for a Christian Slater movie.  I’m finally releasing the video I shot while my contractors were renovating the apartment units.

The past article mentioned that although I initially tried to do much of the painting to help out as well as to possibly save some costs, I ended up doing such a bad job because of my poor painting skills that my own contractors fired me!  I was demoted to pretty well just the cleaning guy.

This next episode of Motivational WebTV shows this real estate investment rental property as it was being renovated as well as some scenes of some rooms after the work was completed.  But the theme of the video was that sometimes certain goals can be achieved faster and more efficiently with a group effort rather than solo.

Group Work Often More Efficient For Goals

I could have spent the time to learn how to renovate myself but I had a goal of getting the vacant apartment units rented out.  It would have taken a long time for me to learn and saving some money in renovation costs by doing things myself would have been pointless if vacant units were bringing in no rental income.  So it would have actually cost me more money the longer these apartments were left vacant.

So I accepting my ‘firing’ so that I wouldn’t get in the way of my hired contractors.  This way, the renovations could be done in a timely manner and one of the end results was that I was able to focus on what I do really well, which was to lease out vacant units.  In fact, I was able to rent out both vacant units in a week, even before final renovations were completed.

Here’s the video;

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  • weshill

    This idea is very important, a concept that we often skip over as we want to do EVERYTHING that we can do and fail to recognize the role of others (professionals as well as laypersons and friends) in making our ultimate goals more reachable, more beautiful, and faster.

    Thanks Clint, it is really nice to see a professional who also can recognize personal strengths as well as lesser levels of skill, and help us to also improve our success thru humility!

  • I should mention that I actually stepped in the paint roller pan!

  • Alomasagigi

    As Motivational as it Is it shows you how as an intellectual how creative skill can work hand in glove when it comes to skill and developing those skills as quick as the results speak for themselves
    in a competitive market and real estate is one of those markets. Great video to pursue your dreams and aspirations. Investment in property is very challenging and a great way to train people in becoming motivated in fulfilling their lifestyles.

  • Real estate investing is challenging and hard work … but very doable if properly educated on how to research and analyze properties as well as to recruit the right team behind you. And yes, this is probably the best way towards living the lifestyle we all dream about. Thanks for the comment.