Motivational Stories From Talk Captured On Club Newsletter

Probus Newsletter

Unlike most community service clubs or groups I’ve presented motivational speeches at such as Rotary clubs, Lions clubs, Kiwanis clubs and others, it looks like the Probus club where I did my talk was really on the ball in regards to getting decent content for their club newsletter.  I remember Harley Auty, the club’s president, was sitting at the front taking notes during my talk and he delegated another member to act as photographer as well.  The end result was that they were able to capture some of my motivational stories from my talk into a writeup in their newsletter.

This writeup took up an entire page complete with multiple photos from my talk there.  It even listed some of the key points I emphasized in my presentation.  Harley was good enough to send my a copy of the newsletter which he acts as editor as well.  I’ve put this page up at my own motivational speaker website for everyone else to see.

The nice thing about this writeup is that it gives people at other community service clubs and other types of organizations an idea of what my talk is like along with some of the various motivational stories I include in the presentation.

Of course, now that this writeup from the newsletter is up, I’ve added it to my webpage of print media press.  Feel free to go there and check out the other articles I have from printed media or newspaper and magazine articles.

On another note, stay tuned for a new episode of my WebTV series coming out this week for some more motivational stories.

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