Motivational Sports Speaker Social Diversity Activity In Motivational WebTV #33

Motivational Sports Speaker Lunch

I have said many times before that exposure to diversity is a good thing for business and career development.  So I decided to show you an actual real life example of how I do this for my own development while enjoying the experiences of other cultures at the same time.  After the Filipino community group had me as their motivational sports speaker last month, I realized that I have never been to a Filipino restaurant before.  So this would represent another new cultural social diversity activity experience for me as well as to shoot another interesting episode of Motivational WebTV.

So I recruited one of the attendees from the audience I had at the talk I did and found an authentic Filipino restaurant in Toronto.  To fit in our respective schedules, we opted for lunch at Casa Manila located in the North York area of Toronto.

I already shot an upcoming Motivational WebTV episode that will carry a rather serious tone so I thought that it would be nice to have a rather fun, light hearted episode just before that one is aired.

Fun Social Diversity Activity

This current episode is similar in content in terms of a fun social diversity activity with my past episode where I took you inside a Chinese dim sum restaurant, only this time, it will be Filipino instead.  By the way, if you ever get to try that dessert I show in this video, do try it if you can find it at a local Filipino community near you.  You won’t be disappointed!  And by dessert, I meant the food, not my new lady friend who appears with me in the video 🙂

Of course the lesson here is that by participating in fun diversity activities like this cultural lunch, one will increasing his or her exposure to diversity which in turn will help develop better interaction skills with others.

Here’s the social diversity video for your entertainment and educational pleasure;

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