Motivational Sports Speaker Helping Others On Ski Slopes

Motivational Sports Speaker Also Ski Instructor

As a motivational sports speaker, I also happen to be a certified ski instructor during the winters up here in Canada.  I’m officially a Level 2 instructor with the Canadian Ski Instructors Association.  Although I taught pretty well full time for two winters in Quebec and one in Ontario, I no longer teach for a ski school.  Instead, I just teach on a social level to people I happen to ski with whenever I go up north.

I don’t ask for much payment since again, I do this mainly for social purposes these days to help friends and others out.  In effect, what I do get in terms of compensation for giving people ski lessons pays off for my gas and ski lift tickets for the winter.  So I pretty well ski for free which is more than fair in return for professional instruction.

Helping people get into the sport of skiing to enjoy a new dimension of winter and then helping them improve their technique is a good thing to do in my mind.  It is more or less an extension of my overall activities as a motivational sports speaker.

A Recent Ski Testimonial

I haven’t publicized any testimonials I’ve received for my ski teaching yet but the other day I taught an adult ‘never-ever’ which is a term I use for a first time skier.  It was quite rewarding to take this person from never having been on skis before to making her a new skier within a few hours.

Rada (her name) was nice enough to post a testimonial about me on a ski Meetup group website where most of my ski outings are now organized.  Here’s what she had to say;

“It was an amazing experience, being able to ski first time ever. I am so grateful I learned it from someone who is very professional, Clint is a great ski teacher. Thank you Clint for all your help to make skiing possible for me!”

I’m only happy to see another person, particularly an adult, join the ski community and glad that I was part of the process.

As for testimonials for my activities as a motivational sports speaker, I have lots posted at my website.  To check some of them out, especially if you are thinking of getting me as a speaker for your event, see my Speaker Testimonials.

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