Motivational Speeches Inspired Seniors Too

#motivational – During the last several months, I’ve spoken at several Probus clubs which are social oriented groups consisting of mainly retired seniors.  I wasn’t expecting much since many seniors tend to shrug off any personal growth type of material during their stage in life.  But I’ve been amazed by just how much positive response I’ve received by these groups considering that most of them are no longer in the workforce.  It seems that my motivational speeches have inspired seniors in ways I never imagined.

Book sales are very strong at these talks because many of these seniors choose to buy my title, The Life Champion In You, for their children and even grandchildren.  Many audience members ended up buying more than one copy of my book as gifts for their younger relatives recognizing the fact that they are in need of motivation.

This is great since the main messages from my motivational speeches can be passed on to these younger relatives via these seniors in my audiences from the Probus clubs.  They can take what they consider useful from my talks and combine it with their own life experiences as wise, inspirational lessons for the younger generations.

That is not to say that the seniors have not been inspired themselves by the stories from my motivational speeches.  Some have remarked that they are now inspired to do more for their health and perhaps even get more comfortable in speaking in front of their own club audiences.

One 84 year old lady came up to me after one of my talks just this week and told me that she intends on reading my book as a way to get inspired to go full charge on her rehabilitation after an upcoming hip surgery.  Now this inspires me!

So I’m glad that there are seniors out there that have found benefits from my motivational speeches since at first, I didn’t know if this age group would have been worth presenting to as far as personal growth content.  But looks like as long as the right messages are presented in ways that they can relate to, this group will find them beneficial for not only themselves, but also for their younger relatives.  I’m glad to be part of it.

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