Motivational Speeches Getting Bigger Kicks

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I never thought that I would actually feel like this.  Even though I haven’t competed in martial arts for the last two years since I’ve been focusing on my speaking career, there was always the intention to possibly return to competition especially since the big circuit NASKA has a division for my future age group.

However, as I write this post, I’m actually feeling mentally ready to retire.  There are all those hassles of competition including travel and waiting around for your divisions to run, etc.  I’ve certainly had my fill of those over the years.  As for the trophies and awards, I don’t want anymore since I have enough of these dust collectors — here’s my martial arts background.

I do admit that I would still get a kick out of performing martial arts in front of an audience.  However, I’m getting a BIGGER kick out of speaking especially when I know that my motivational speeches are making a positive impact on people in my audiences.

I never thought that I would tire of performing martial arts but what has happened is that I found something else that is giving me an even better return in regards to personal satisfaction.  I will still do martial arts as part of my own fitness since it is a lifelong activity for me, ie., I’m a lifer.  I will also still include martial arts in my speaking presentations and Motivational WebTV shows.  Perhaps that type of inclusion is enough for me.

Now having said all that, if there’s a chance to represent Canada on the national team again AND if a world event is in an interesting place I would really want to visit, then I may entertain martial arts competition again but only if those conditions are right.  Otherwise, I don’t really see myself back to compete on a regular basis anymore.

I’ve had a very long martial arts competition career ever since my very first tournament in 1985.  Now it’s time to do other things such as help others through my motivational speeches.

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