Motivational Sayings Content Don’t Stop During Travel

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Just because I’m away all this week on my southern California mini speaking tour doesn’t mean that motivational sayings content generated stop.  I did have time in between doing talks and the leisurely tourist activities.  During these moments of spare time, I was busy writing, shooting video, editing video all to keep producing useful content for my audiences.

During this week alone, since I brought down my laptop computer, video camcorder and all the cables and mics that go along with them, I was able to write the next Motivational Quotes Newletter issue to come out in July and shoot enough video for two full future episodes of Clint Cora Motivational WebTV.  In fact, one complete episode was already fully edited while the second one will require further editing back in Canada this weekend.

I love shooting video during travels because there are numerous opportunities to shoot from locations I would not have access to at home.  These other locations often give different perspectives on the topic of the episodes which in turn provide interesting twists that are entertaining.

Being in another location also gives me some new inspiration when writing content that include motivational sayings whether they were originated by me or another person.  The applications of these quotes will often be influenced by where I am located at the time of writing.

All this means that I’m working hard even during my travels to make sure that I can produced the best possible motivational personal growth resources for you the best I can through my Motivational Quotes Newsletters and Motivational WebTV series.

If you have found my monthly newsletters featuring important motivational sayings and Motivational WebTV series to be beneficial to you, even if they serve as reminders of important things to do in life, please share their content with others by telling them about these.  I really believe that the more people we can help out, the better this world will become.

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  • That’s a good reminder – traveling is the perfect opportunity to find new inspiration.