Success Definition Motivation Theory Of Climbing Your Mountain In Motivational WebTV #6

Success Definition Motivation Theory

Want to see a really steep ‘double black diamond’ ski slope?  The next Motivational WebTV episode is now online and it is about the success definition motivation theory of climbing your mountains to achieve success in life.  I use this analogy because achieving success in almost any field is like climbing a mountain where the more challenging the goal, the steeper the mountain in your path.  I used more ski video footage from the winter for this episode including showing a very steep hill appropriately named ‘Elevator Shaft’!

This episode is about continued climbing of your path to success even in the event of failures and I talk about one of my own failures quite candidly here.  So one last look at the ski slopes until next winter.

It is said that in order to succeed, one must fail first.  Of course, failures are never pleasant but if we choose to learn from them and are able to apply the lessons to our futures, then we would have gained from these failures.  This motivation theory implies that over the long run, the most successful people are in ways, those who have failed the most but have also learned from their failures.

Success Definition Motivation Theory On Video

The example I talk about in this episode was one of my personal stories of failure and one that was actually fairly recent within the last few years.  But it is one that is significant enough for me that it will always be remembered as one of those milestone failures that eventually lead to a success that I am very proud of.

Check out the new Motivational WebTV episode below and feel free to leave comments about the success definition motivation theory of climbing your mountain.

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