More Inspirational Skiers From Paralympics

I knew there were going to be more inspirational moments from the Vancouver Paralympics.  Lauren Woolstencroft won two gold medals in skiing so far.  She was born without legs below the knees and one arm below the elbow.  If you are lucky, you should be able to see her ski run on video at the CTV Paralympics website.  Although she’s not as smooth as able downhill skiers in my ski instructor opinion, she still skis pretty darn good considering she’s really skiing on prosthetics.

Visually impaired skier Viviane Forest who has only 5% vision, won three medals in downhill skiing at the Paralympics so far.  She follows a guide down the race course along with a headset so she can hear verbal signals.  Viviane took a gold, a silver and a bronze so far.  I can’t even imagine coming down a race course, especially a downhill one, without my full eyesight.

These two women are just awesome!  I’m so glad that I’m being exposed to the Vancouver Paralympics.

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